Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why to Avoid Home Trims

It is extremely inviting to consider cutting your own hair at home. After all, the local department store carries special scissors just for hair, and that’s all it will cost you. If you get pretty good, there’s a chance you’ll even end up cutting your sister’s hair, your husband’s hair, and even your kid’s hair. With all that money you’re saving, how could it be wrong to take the initiative and cut out the expensive salons? The truth is that you may be doing more damage than you know, and it’s not something that you can fix with another haircut.

Nearly everyone has a horror story about a haircut at home gone bad. Perhaps you learned from past mistakes and think you have the right style down pat now, so nothing else bad can happen. Those scissors you use are pretty sharp, and they even look professional. What could possibly go wrong? Well, what you’re doing to your own hair is crimping the ends with scissors that are just too dull. No matter how often you sharpen those scissors you got at the department store, you’ll never be able to achieve the blade that professionals use. The truth is that those hair scissors you bought just aren’t cut out to hold a sharp blade at all. And the more you sharpen them, the faster you grind away whatever blade you do have.

Professionals have access to scissors and shears that cost hundreds of dollars per pair. You read that correctly. The reason they’re so expensive is that they are specially engineered to hold a sharper blade for a longer amount of time. The scissors and shears used by professionals are also created to provide the exact amount of tension, which also reduces the amount of friction applied to your hair during the cut. It doesn’t seem like it would make that much difference, but you would be surprised. When holding two separate strands up to a magnifier, the difference is immediately spotted.

While it’s super tempting to save that money, you will quickly see that split ends are a regular thing when you trim your hair at home. It’s honestly not your technique, though good technique can make an even bigger difference for you. The shears and scissors are to blame, and they won’t get any better. Seek out a stylist that you can trust, and you won’t ever regret the money you pay when you see just how quickly you can cultivate healthy hair and return to a natural state.

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